How the Gut Affects Fatigue

I recently listened to a webinar interview featuring Dr. Michael Ruscio, who has conducted a lot of clinical research in the area of digestion and been widely published in peer reviewed journals. He is the author of Healthy Gut, Healthy You and is a guest speaker at the Fatigue Super Conference. He discusses the importance of good digestion and ways to achieve optimum health through a healthy gut. From my own personal experience dealing with fatigue and energy issues, I was happy that he validated a lot of what I’ve been through and the research I’ve done to date. Here are some key points from his interview:

Regarding lab work as an indicator, I recently had this experience with my integrative MD.  One of my viral load test data wouldn’t budge no matter what I did. However, because my symptoms have improved along with other metrics of health, she decided not to worry about the lab result and to discontinue testing.

It’s a fascinating interview – my belief is that energy is KING and anything we can do to optimize and improve it will help us live with vitality.

Check out Dr. Ruscio’s website for more information about him and his practice.