HealthBook+ Partners with Isabel Healthcare to Integrate Self-Triage and Differential Diagnostic Capabilities into its Care Platform

Combination of HealthBook+ and Isabel AI technologies delivers faster, more accurate consultation support to physicians and individuals for improved outcomes

Denver, CO and Ann Arbor, MI, July 25, 2023 – HealthBook+, the digital-first, AI-powered early identification and guidance platform that allows individuals to own their health, today announced a partnership with Isabel Healthcare and has added the latter’s Isabel Self-Triage and Isabel DDX Companion offerings into its platform. The integrations result in faster and more accurate determination of appropriate care actions and potential conditions for both individuals and the physicians that they engage with.

HealthBook+ empowers individuals to take appropriate health actions based on a holistic analysis of their confidential health data and related information, sourced from their provider-based electronic health records, health plan claims data, personal wearable health trackers and other connected devices, Social Determinant of Health profiles and via self-reporting. Proprietary, predictive analytics and AI models are applied to identify potential conditions early on. Next best health actions are then presented to the individual along with options for them to easily connect with their healthcare providers. 

The platform’s Health Checker function has been significantly upgraded by incorporating Isabel Self-Triage, which benefits both individuals and their physicians, while physicians will benefit from the informational support provided by integration with Isabel DDX Companion.

“The integration of Isabel’s self-triage and consultation support capabilities adds world-class functionality to our world-class platform,” said HealthBook+ CEO Christopher Turner. “We share with Isabel the belief that AI and machine learning technology continuously trained on real-life diverse datasets, and then validated by independent studies, will truly deliver improved outcomes for those seeking better health.”

Founded in 2000 and named for a three-year old girl who nearly died because of a misdiagnosis, Isabel’s engine applies AI to symptoms provided directly by individuals or their physicians to determine potential conditions. Isabel’s diagnostic engine makes use of a continuously updated disease presentation database, which has been independently validated in more than 20 studies. Overall, the studies conclude that Isabel provides accurate information in 96% of cases.

The Isabel Self-Triage function asks just 11 questions of individuals and provides a list of potential conditions and related information to help them decide the best care setting and appropriate urgency needed in less than one minute. Symptoms can be entered using either free text or selected from a drop-down list of more than 25,000 autocomplete phrases. Isabel is focused on efficiency and accuracy for individuals and has demonstrated a 97% triage completion rate with up to 57% of those opting to schedule an appointment with a physician or other healthcare provider or service.

Isabel DDX Companion is trusted and used by physicians around the world to determine accurate differential diagnosis. The engine covers more than 10,000 conditions across all ages and specialties and provides a ranked order differential list in less than 90 seconds. The function has been trained on more than 22 years of evidenced-based knowledge and feedback from practicing clinicians about how diseases present. Since no human physician can recall the volumes of typical and atypical ways that all diseases present, Isabel offers a consultative safety net when determining potential conditions.

“Our expertise is delivering best-in-class tools that assist individuals in obtaining the right care with the right urgency and help physicians to reach the right diagnosis with efficiency and accuracy. We are delighted that we can now reach a wider constituency with our solutions via this integration with the comprehensive HealthBook+ platform, that will improve outcomes and lower healthcare costs,” noted Isabel Healthcare CEO Don Bauman.

The integration of Isabel’s technology into the HealthBook+ platform via robust application programming interfaces (APIs), is a further example of HealthBook+’s strategy to leverage specialist best-of-breed point solutions to enhance the value of its platform in a timely and cost-effective manner.

About HealthBook+

Headquartered in Denver, CO, HealthBook+ has built a digital-first early identification and care platform that guides an individual’s next best health action using advanced AI. Designed by doctors and featuring the Seréa digital human, HealthBook+ identifies potential conditions early on and facilitates access to healthcare screening and services through secure chats, peer coaching, and education. The platform’s AI models are continuously reviewed by the company’s Medical Advisory Board, and are powered by an individual’s comprehensive health information, sourced from their provider-hosted EHR systems, personal health trackers and via self-reporting. For more information, visit

About Isabel Healthcare

Isabel Healthcare Inc. was founded in 2000 by Jason Maude and is named after Maude’s daughter who almost died after a potentially fatal illness was not recognized. With its unique AI, the curated machine learning engine has been tuned and refined over 20 years. Isabel Healthcare is the global leader in providing tools to support both clinicians and patients in making decisions about diagnosis and where to seek care. Connect with us at, or 734-332-0612.



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