HealthBook+ Introduces Care Platform Featuring Digital Human, Seréa, and Instant Health Checks for Personalized Health Guidance

Digital-First Early Identification and Guidance Platform Raises Bar for Accuracy and Usability; Leverages Digital Human, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Denver, CO, March 20, 2023 – HealthBook+, the digital-first early identification and guidance platform that allows individuals to own their health, today introduced its first generally available offering featuring the Seréa digital human interface and an AI-powered Instant Health Check facility.

HealthBook+ empowers individuals to take appropriate health actions based on a holistic analysis of their confidential health and related information, sourced from their provider-based electronic health records, health plan claims data, personal wearable health trackers and other connected devices, Social Determinant of Health profiles and via self-reporting. Proprietary predictive analytics and AI models are applied to identify potential conditions early on. Next best health actions are then presented to the individual along with options for them to easily connect with their healthcare providers.

Early identification capabilities include understanding nearly 1,400 symptoms and knowledge of more than 750 preventative, chronic and acute health conditions, for both physical and mental health needs. Actions include accessing healthcare screening and other services via secure chats, peer coaching, pointers to educational resources, and scheduling with in-network care providers.

Provided as a primary (but optional) interface to HealthBook+, Seréa combines digital assistant and digital agent functionality, and leverages an individual’s health information to tailor responses, questions and suggestions based on what information an individual provides. Seréa also interprets an individual’s facial expressions and voice nuances to provide responses in an engaging way and an empathetic manner.

“Individuals looking for the best and most comprehensive health guidance will benefit greatly from the combined innovations of Seréa’s user friendliness, the completeness of their health information, and the superior accuracy of HealthBook+’s analysis and guidance,” said HealthBook+ CEO Christopher Turner. “With early detection of more than 750 physical and mental health conditions available from Day One, HealthBook+ is off to a great start toward its goal to help a billion people and their pets live their healthiest lives possible.”

Addressing shortcomings of legacy symptom checkers, HealthBook+’s Instant Health Check augments an individual’s self-reported health status with their other personal health information, drawn from provider and wearable sources, and other devices. HealthBook+ incorporates Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) programmatic interfaces to several popular EHR systems as well as seamlessly connecting to a growing number of popular health trackers, such as products from Apple, Google Fit, Garmin and Fitbit.

Implemented by enterprises and provided as a benefit to their employees, HealthBook+ is initially being targeted at general employers, health benefit advisors, health plans and healthcare companies. For healthcare companies, the company recently announced a particular focus on addressing the mental health needs of their clinical and non-clinical staff, for whom burnout and depression are major concerns.

While HealthBook+ helps individuals to live their healthiest lives, by helping them to identify their next best health actions, their employer benefits from higher employee productivity, lower absenteeism, and reduced health costs. Importantly, identifiable health information related to an individual is never shared with their employer, or with any other entity, without their express permission.

HealthBook+ runs 24/7 using Amazon Web Services infrastructure, which is compliant with ISO 27017 for cloud security, ISO 27701 for privacy information management, and ISO 27018 for cloud privacy. Featuring user authentication and end-to-end data encryption, HealthBook+ is certified as SOC II, Type 1 compliant and has also been audited to be HIPAA compliant. As a company committed to allowing individuals to Own Their Health, HealthBook+ will never sell or otherwise share an individual’s health data without their permission.

Privately funded and already contracting with early adopters, HealthBook+ will be demonstrating Seréa, as well as its Instant Health Check and other platform functionality, at the ViVE digital healthcare event in Nashville, TN, March 26-29, 2023.

About HealthBook+

Headquartered in Denver, CO, HealthBook+ has built a digital-first early identification and care platform that guides an individual’s next best health action using advanced AI. Designed by doctors and featuring the Seréa digital human, HealthBook+ identifies potential conditions early on and facilitates access to healthcare screening and services through secure chats, peer coaching, and education. The platform’s AI models are continuously reviewed by the company’s Medical Advisory Board, and are powered by an individual’s comprehensive health information, sourced from their provider hosted EHR systems, personal health trackers and via self-reporting. For more information, visit

Note: FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is a registered trademark of HL7 International.


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