HealthBook+ CEO Shares Vision for How People Can Own Their Health by Leveraging Data and AI - MedCity News

Chris Turner, CEO of HealthBook+, had a eureka moment with co-founders Stathis Topouzoglou and Dr. Panos Sechopoulos. They realised that handing over control of personal health data to the individual could help avoid costly and disruptive medical emergencies. HealthBook+ is powered by two types of AI. A preventive engine identifies common illnesses and guides users towards appropriate caregivers. In contrast, an acute care engine helps users identify potential conditions based on their symptoms and directs them to the right care.

HealthBook+ aims to become the centralized hub for all health-related data, making it easier for individuals to access and make sense of their health information. Future plans include enhancing the platform’s accuracy and personalization and launching the Care Club+ service to help users manage their family’s health. This streamlining of digital health data access is the next step in revolutionizing the healthcare journey for all.