Arleen Chung, MD

Medical Advisory Board Coordinator

Dr. Arleen Chung is Coordinator of the Medical Advisory Board at HealthBook+. She founded and runs an outpatient pediatrics practice in Athens, Greece, where she offers very personalized integrative pediatrics with a focus on children and families acquiring healthy habits from infancy.

Her practice emphasizes the importance of correct nutrition, movement, avoidance of toxins including video screens, as well as stressing the importance of sleep habits which ensure mind and body recovery. In particular, she seeks to understand family dynamics to be able to ensure optimal health for her patients. She especially devotes time to talking to teenagers and their parents during this often stress-filled time of life. 

Dr. Chung trained in the U.S. She graduated from Vanderbilt University with a major in molecular biology and received her MD from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. She completed her pediatrics training at Northwestern University Medical Center at Children’s Memorial Hospital (currently Lurie Children’s Hospital) in Chicago. She then spent time in the hospital’s NICU, ER, and Asthma Care Units before joining a Pediatrics private practice in Nashville, TN.